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Top Twin Flame Myths: DM vs. DF (Pt 3)

Rachael Thompson

Posted on April 26 2022

Top Twin Flame Myths: DM vs. DF (Pt 3)



This is the 3rd (and final) part of the series where we discuss top TF myths and how to find empowerment as you release them! 

Did you miss part 1 or 2? No worries, you can find them on my blog here. 

Myth One: You Must Let Go

Myth Two: You Both Need to be Healed 

Let’s dive in……

Myth Three: You Need to Embrace Only Your Divine Feminine or Masculine Side

I have found that a balance between feminine and masculine energies is often what manifests Union with ease and Grace. 

It is about listening to yourself. When are you being called to action and power? (Masculine Energy) 

When are you being called to be open and receptive? (Feminine Energy) 

Be open and willing to step into either or both energies and you’ll transcend all imbalance! 

Again, this myth has led to many limiting and disempowering beliefs in the collective—The feeling if you’re just a good enough DF or DM then you’ll attract your Twin.

I have found that most people have one energy they are more comfortable with, but as you know, this journey pushes us out of our comfort zone! 

How does this balance work??

Balanced Masculine Energy: Feel into your strength and power. Set an intention and feel as though it has been manifested. Act when guided (even if you’re frightened). Be brave and courageous as you step into the unknown.

Balanced Feminine Energy: Feel your worth. Nurture and love yourself. Open your heart. Open yourself up to receive. Feel into the gentle power you hold as a feminine creator. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Speak from your heart (even when it’s scary). 

Ask yourself throughout your days, what energy is called for at this moment? Am I avoiding something out of comfort? How can I embrace the energy that frightens me? How can I simultaneously call on my bravery and gentleness as I step into the unknown?? 

I have found in my own journey, and in helping thousands on their journeys, there is always a balance. And I believe part of the journey is to find, foster, and embrace it! 

I hope you found this series helpful! And I intend to send more empowering messages in the weeks/months to come! 

We do weekly QAs in the membership group if you have questions on anything we discussed here.


As always, sending you all my love,



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