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Energy Healing FAQs

Reiki and other types of Energy Healing have been labeled as "woo-woo", fake, and many try to debunk it. This article is meant for those who are genuinely interested in this subject.

What is Reiki?

Pronounced “Ray Key”. It is an ancient energy healing practice in which high-vibration, universal energy is channeled into a person, situation, or object.

Reiki is made of two Japanese words:  1) ‘Rei’ means "Higher Power" and 2) ‘Ki’ means "life force energy". So Reiki actually means "spiritually guided life force energy."

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What are the different types of Reiki?

People have gotten very creative with Reiki Energy practices. Here are 3 common practices, although there are many more available:

1. In-Person Reiki. The conventional way includes an in-person session, where the client lies on a table and the practitioner lightly places or hovers his/her hands over various parts of the body. This shifts the energy on a physical, mental/emotional, or an energetic/spiritual level, depending on hand placement and needs of the client. 

2. Distance Reiki. This can be done anywhere, at any time, and the Reiki practitioner and client do not have to be in the same location. More info on the science below. 

3. Reiki Infusion. Objects can be infused with high-vibrational, positive Reiki energy. Often individuals will infuse crystals or other spiritual items, but anything can be infused. These infused items can be placed on a picture of a person and it is believed they send continuous Reiki energy. They can also be kept on you for energetic protection.  It is also great for clearing old, possibly negative, energy from spaces and items. 

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is a safe, natural practice that has been found to complement western medicine and meditation practices. It has a wide array of benefits, ranging from simple stress reduction, to increased energy, to an improved spiritual awareness/connection. It has even been used in hospitals as a part of treatment plans.

Experiencing a meditation infused with Reiki or receiving a Reiki Healing Session can enable you to experience a deeper relaxation, dissolve energetic blocks, and solidify intentions. 

Can you give me a Reiki Energy Healing Session if I am not there?

Absolutely. Reiki is a high-vibrational energy. The Unified Field Theory, of Quantum Physics as well as Philosophical Principle, Hermetic Law of Similarity, both explain what ancient spiritual eastern teachings refer to as Prana, Akasha, or Qi/Chi. Simply put, there is a unified energetic field that connects us all. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

"This sea of energy coalesces into sub-atomic particles and atoms, which become the basic building blocks of all matter manifesting the physical world. So, every atom, molecule, and cell is an extension of prana, just as waves are extensions of the sea that lies beneath them." [The Yogic Encyclopedia] 

Just as your cell phone, TV, or internet all use energetic frequencies, tuned in a particular manner to work effectively, so does the energy transferred from the practitioner to the client during a distance Reiki session. 

What does it mean you are infusing my meditation/affirmations with Reiki Energy?

Reiki Energy can be ‘sent’, similar to a blessing or a prayer, to enhance the properties of your meditation. I will flow energy into the meditation as I am recording, as well as, once more after the product is finished. Reiki Energy will always be sent for your highest and best good, keeping in mind the intention behind the meditation.

For Example: If you wish to manifest one million dollars, I will flow energy into your meditation for abundance for “your highest and best good & the highest and best good for all involved.”

It is not a spell and we are not trying to manipulate any situation, but the energy can help progress your intentions if it is for the highest and best good. It can also help dissolve any blockages you have to abundance, success, well-being, etc., allowing these to flow more easily into your life.

Can Reiki actually heal diseases and mental health disorders?

Reiki has been shown as a wonderful complimentary healing modality. Many use it as part of an integrative approach to healing. Every disease or disorder is different and so is the response of every individual to Reiki Energy Healing. It is recommended you find what works best for you, your body, and situation. 

Reiki promotes healing and health.  It can help in the reduction of stress, which can help the body become more receptive to treatments. On much deeper levels, Reiki can help uncover and even dissolve traumas, which is often a large contributing factor to the development of the disease. Just as a healthy diet and exercise can prevent diseases from occurring or re-occurring, Reiki can help in this preventative process on an energetic level.

What can I expect?

This really varies per individual. You may experience a deep relaxation, sense of well-being, and improved mood. This can last up to 24-48 hours after the meditation or session. Common experiences include a tingling sensation or Reiki ASMR (often at the top of head), jerking or twitching (often a signal of blockages reducing or releasing), or sense of pressure (also indicating something that needs to be released). 

What is Reiki ASMR?

ASMR is a common physical response to Reiki, and is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasant tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp. This tingling sensation often runs through the entire body, creating a deep relaxation and euphoria. It is very normal so if you experience this, enjoy!

Will this really impact my life?

Again, this varies and highly depends on the individual. Reiki can assist one’s spiritual or personal development journey. It can help bring awareness, mental clarity, and harmony with the universe. All of these side effects, if appropriate action is taken, can certainly have an amazing impact on multiple areas of your life. You are encouraged to keep a journal to write down any insights or intuitions experienced during meditations or Reiki Healing Sessions. This process can help guide your next steps.