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Top Twin Flame Myths: You Do NOT Have to “Let Go” (Pt 1/3)

Rachael Thompson

Posted on April 26 2022

Top Twin Flame Myths: You Do NOT Have to “Let Go” (Pt 1/3)




Do you feel blocked manifesting Union? It may be the belief in one of these myths that is stopping you. Ditch the belief, dissolve the block, and let Union in!

I have worked with thousands of Twin Flames, as a healer, coach, and guide. Through my experience of assisting counterparts manifest loving Union, I have come across far too many myths that create limitation and actually block Union. In this series, we go over the top 3.  

Myth One: You Must Let Go 

What does “letting go” actually mean?? Many feel they need to let go of their desire to be in Union or stop thinking about their Twin altogether. 

To do this is to deny a part of yourself. It’s another way that we subconsciously tell ourselves 

“We’re not doing good enough because we can’t seem to let go.”

So what does “let go” actually mean?

It means to let go of the previous concept of your Twin Flame and yourself. Let go of the expectations that triggers will continue. Let go of your old assumptions about yourself, them, and your relationship. I also would encourage you to let go of any limiting beliefs you picked up about what it means to be a twin flame. 

Why is this so important?

Because we create our reality. Everyone and everything reflects back to us the assumptions we hold about ourselves, others, and the world. 

When we assume our TF isn’t ready to be with us, they will continue to reflect that. When we change the assumption within ourselves, their energy and attitude shift towards us.

**We must change our assumption first, then the outside will change!** 

Wait….Is this manipulation??

Absolutely not. We do this no matter what. We are always assuming and having mental conversations with others. And when we assume negatively about others, we are preventing them from expressing their highest potential.

What You Desire Desires You!

We are One. There are infinite possibilities and it is your choice which one you tap into. What feels best within your heart when you think about your TF relationship??

That desire of your heart is revealing to you a timeline that will bring both you and your TF the most happiness. 

Because of the Law of Oneness, for your heart to desire something means their heart must desire it too. 

Before we come to this realization, we tune into our fears and listen to them. When we tune into our heart and begin to listen and KNOW we wouldn’t have this desire unless their heart desires it as well, we transcend fear. 

It only takes one twin flame to break out of the pattern. When you listen to your heart and begin to affirm and visualize what your heart is telling you, you align both yourself and your counterpart to this timeline. 

How to do this? 

I always encourage those I work with to create 3 affirmations. One for themselves. One for their Twin. One for their relationship. 

For example:

1) I am lovable, desirable, and in the perfect relationship with my Twin.

2) My Twin is ready and excited for our Union now. They love and adore me.

3) We are in the perfect relationship now and always. 

Continue to say these and visualize/feel yourself in Union now. Replace your old stories with these new affirmations. The second you stop feeding into that old story/assumption, you free the energy to align to another timeline. 

This will be one of the most empowering, transcendent things you can do on your journey. And it will align you both to this timeline. 

I have seen success after success in my TF course and group from those who adopted these practices in addition to their healing.

It is a game-changer!


Much love, 



PS. If you need more guidance on how to do this, as well as tons of additional info/healings, check out my TF Manifest Union Program and Manifest Union Group.

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