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Top Twin Flame Myths: Healing, Healing, and More Healing (AHHH!) (Pt 2/3)

Rachael Thompson

Posted on April 26 2022

Top Twin Flame Myths: Healing, Healing, and More Healing (AHHH!)  (Pt 2/3)



This is part 2 of this 3 part series where we discuss top TF myths and how to find empowerment as you release them! 

Did you miss part 1? No worries, you can find it on my blog here. 

Let’s dive in……

Myth Two: You Need to Be Completely Healed 

This is a journey, not a destination. There is no point where you will be “healed” enough that union will just magically appear.  The more we focus on trying to be healed, the more healing comes to the surface. 

I was personally stuck in this loop for years. I did need to heal and I transformed, transmuted, and transcended a lot during this process.

BUT I also held myself in a place of stagnation. Did my Soul desire to go through all of this healing—of course!! Did I need to hold myself back from all good things until I was healed “enough”—absolutely not!!

You will continue to heal no matter what. You will continue to release stuck energy and shadows. But you do not have to wait until you feel like you’re healed enough to be in Union. 

The moment I shifted my focus from healing to living my dream life is when everything shifted.

As I stated in my last blog, I am a huge proponent of affirming/consciously aligning with Union energy now.

What happens when you do this??

You (and your Twin Flame) will go along a “bridge of incidents”, meaning you’ll both be guided towards Union.

Healing will still come up for you both. The major difference is, that your focus is on Union. You don’t neglect the healing, but you’re not solely focused on it. 

Imagine you are walking along a path. Sometimes when we become completely focused on healing, we begin to walk in circles. When we focus on consciously aligning with Union (through intentions/affirmations/visualization), we are continuously walking towards Union. And yes, healing opportunities come up along that path and we work with them accordingly. And,  as we do, we continue to walk forward.

One last thing to consider—-There may be some aspects that you need your twin flame and your twin flame needs you to heal. Neither of you has to be perfect to be together. Allow yourself to heal together. 

When you align with Union (again all talked about in my last blog HERE), you speed up your healing journey and stop holding yourself back from wonderful opportunities to heal as a couple!! 


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PS. If you need more guidance on how to do this, as well as tons of additional info/healings, check out my TF Manifest Union Program and Manifest Union Group.

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