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Hello Beautiful Soul :) Thank you for checking out this site. My mission is to bring powerful Energy Healing to everyone. I provide plenty of free healings on my YouTube Channel & Mindful Mondays Podcast. You can also find 30-45 minute Energy Healing MP3's for various intentions and needs. You can also get individual Energy Healing Sessions, subscribe to get 30-minutes of Energy Healing every single day, or get an Energy Healing Grid made for You and Your Intentions. There is absolutely nothing that Energy cannot help. Once you experience its effects, you will not know how you ever lived without this Powerful Healing Mechanism. I am speaking 100% from my own journey and the experiences of countless others. Please see my personal journey below.

My Journey with Energy Healing: From Skeptic to Master

By Rachael Thompson, M.A., Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor

I didn't grow up with hippy parents who force-fed me metaphysical 'mumbo-jumbo.'  I didn't fall back on energy healing because it seemed like an easy way to 'help people'. I didn't turn to Reiki in replacement of a college degree, although in retrospect I wish I had. (I graduated from one of the top schools with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling). In fact, I took a course in undergrad called the Psychology of Disbelief, that was designed to prove why practices like Energy Healing were nothing more than a placebo effect.

Yet with all my education, I struggled. I struggled with severe anxiety, with feeling unfulfilled in work and life, and with tons of questions that neither religion nor conventional western teachings could answer. What did I do? Mehh, not much. Worked my 9-5 job, lived solely for my weekends, and just hoped that one-day things would make sense.

I never knew what Reiki was until five years ago when a random girl told me about it in a bar. Because all good stories begin in a bar, right?

Although I was several craft beers in at the time, I remembered that conversation years later. Since that fateful night, I kept telling myself "I need to try that Reiki, or Reekee, or RyKey, whatever it's called..."  But I just never found the time. It was not until a couple years later when I moved to a new state, started my first business, and was highly stressed that I tried it out. I had zero idea what to expect. I did not think to research what it was beforehand, and in hindsight, I'm happy about it.

My first Reiki session was super cool. I felt the energy flowing through my body and when I was laying on that table, my anxiety was gone. I felt a 'high' for the next several hours. I decided to come back for four additional sessions. At that time, the practitioner told me about a Reiki Fundamentals class that was starting. I decided not to enroll once I found out it was $500. (Now keep in mind the Master's Degree I obtained, yet was not using, cost about 50X that). Looking back now, I wasn't ready. And that was okay.

A year later, I decided to enroll in the latest class. And as they say, the rest is history. (Or something like that.) My Reiki journey over this past couple of years has been the hardest, most incredible, most eye-opening, and life-changing period of my entire life. My questions about myself and life had been answered. Things started to make sense. I worked through traumas I never could in years of talk-therapy. In fact, it only aided in my talk-therapy sessions. It transformed my relationships with others, and more importantly the one I had with myself. 

I am not attributing this all to Reiki. It's not like a sat on a table and BOOM-Instant Transformation! But Reiki provided a comfort, a soft place to land, and a tool I used throughout my journey.

I am now a Reiki Master. It has been an incredible two-year journey; one that a simple certificate will never be able to reflect. During this time, I have practiced on clients, family, friends, children, strangers, and my dogs ( a lot). I have turned 100% skeptics into people who ask me to send Reiki and come to me with questions. I did not do this through my incredible power of persuasion (admittedly, I'm not the best saleswoman), but rather through the example I set and by simply allowing the Energy to do its thing. 

In starting my own Energy Healing Business, I aim to take these gifts and share them with everyone (no matter your income or location). I want to demystify this process so everyone can experience the powerful results. I say this with no ego involved, but I was given the natural gift of healing. This is my Dharma and I was sent here to help you heal. That is why I thought I wanted to be a therapist, but it wasn't a right fit. My Reiki training simply opened the gates to what was always there but lying dormant within. I feel beyond blessed to share this with you and help transform your life in whatever ways you need. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I wish you Love & Light on yours :)