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Total Trauma Release Energy Healing [Inner Child, Ancestral & Past Life]

Reiki with Rachael

Total Trauma Release Energy Healing [Inner Child, Ancestral & Past Life]



Heal and release your innermost traumas with this Trauma Release Energy Healing Session. Clear ancestral traumas, and past life blockages and open up to inner child healing. As you receive this divine healing, you will restore your vibrational energies, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit.

 What to Expect:

-45-Minute Energy Healing Session MP3 Download Prerecorded
-Guided Meditation & Energy Activation Healing Session
-Will be sent instantly after purchase 
-We locate trauma being stored in your mind, body, emotions, & energy field 
-Through the use of energy healing modalities, we release this trauma & heal the source point of its creation

3-Part Healing

1) Current lifetime trauma & inner-child healing
2) Ancestral healing
3) Past life trauma healing & release 

Why Trauma Release

Trauma often resides in the shadows of our consciousness and energy field. It can dictate how we think, perceive, behave, and act. It can also create energy blockages to manifestations & desires.

Once experienced, if trauma is not processed, it remains stored as energy. The trauma we experience this lifetime can be stored in our minds, bodies, and emotional patterns. We can carry trauma experienced by our family/ancestors within our DNA. We can also carry trauma within our energetic bodies from past lives. 

We all deserve to be free from this energy. You deserve to be happy & free from reliving the pain experienced in your past or within your family lineage.

As we free ourselves, we also energetically free others. We become free to enjoy life without that hand of trauma continuing to pull us back into the old state of consciousness. We become free to create without restriction and live the life our Souls and Heart yearn to experience.  

Your Role During the Session

This session is done energetically on your behalf. Listen to the guidance and allow the energy to penetrate and release trauma from your field. 

You are encouraged to relax in a safe space & fully allow yourself to feel/experience all that is coming up without identifying with the sensations. Do not resist them. Allow yourself to observe what you experience, knowing healing is occurring. This allows the energy to be released.

****PLEASE NOTE*****
This is not a substitute for professional mental healing treatment. It is a tool to assist you on your journey. Please make sure you have support to work through any trauma that may come up as a result of this session. Read the below criteria to determine if this session is appropriate for you.

Who This Session Is For

This session is for those who have been or are ready to start doing the psychological, body, and energetic work to release trauma. It is for those who have a baseline knowledge of healing their trauma or are currently working with a professional to recognize and heal trauma.

This is a tool. It is not a "fix". This session will assist you in your own self-healing journey and it will do a lot of the energetic "work" for you, but you are still responsible to process whatever trauma arises. 

Who This Session is NOT For

This is not for those who have zero experience with trauma healing unless you are currently working with a professional. If so, please use this in a safe space where you can process your trauma after.

This is not a fix or a shortcut. This will not do all of the work for you. It is a tool and it may bring up energy or memories that will need to be processed after the session. Thus, it is not for those who do not have the knowledge or professional support to process these energies/emotions/memories.

This is not intended for those who have unprocessed trauma, who are not currently working with a professional, or who have no prior experience processing trauma or doing "shadow work".

What Your Will Receive

You will receive a 50-minute mp3, with a 5-minute introduction and a 45-minute energy healing session.

You can listen to this as often as you feel guided and will receive the energy healing you need each time you listen.

This is not a one-on-one healing session. 

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