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Ganesha Energy Transmission to Clear Obstacles & Manifest! [Energy Healing Session MP3 Download]

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Ganesha Energy Transmission to Clear Obstacles & Manifest! [Energy Healing Session MP3 Download]


What This Session Does:

  • Removes Internal Obstacles/Energies You Wish to Release
  • Clears External Obstacles to Manifestations (Always for the Highest Good of All)
  • Energetically Aligns you with Desired Manifestations


Ganesh or Ganesha is a deity, depicted as an elephant-headed Hindu god. His Divine Energy helps us remove obstacles & manifest success in all areas of life. This specific energy transmission channels His Energy to you for your intentions and the highest good. It is an incredibly strong, powerful energy that can clear all pathways to your desired manifestations. Although his energy is quite strong, you will only get the amount that is safe and comfortable for you each time you listen. 

 If you were drawn to this, it is meant for you. I have worked with Ganesh for a while, calling upon him often. He told me a couple of months ago to channel his energy into this format so it was available more directly to those who desire to work with him. It took me some time to feel ready to do so, but recently I was given a little Divine kick in the behind to do it now lol! Okay okay...I am glad I did and I am incredibly grateful he has given us all this gift. You do not need this session to work with him, rather it is a tool to access his power more directly. He is working intimately with humanity at this time, aiding us in our ascension and manifestation process. His energy can greatly benefit all who call upon him. This is all Him, I was simply a channel to bring it to you!

How This Session Works

This is an MP3 energy session. The energy was channeled into this MP3 and you can use it as often as you need. [Not a one-on-one session]. You will receive it instantly after purchase. 

The total session is 34 minutes.

Partially Non-Guided. You are gently guided for the first 10 minutes of this session, allowing you to relax and open up. You are guided to talk to him about your intentions, and what you would like removed, internally and externally, from your life. The entire session will then mold to your request.  

How to Use This to Help Current Situation [Individual or Twin Flame] 

Set your intentions.

Can use it for yourself, as a relationship or Twin Flame healing, or play on behalf of another. 

Allow and Trust. 


What You Receive

Upon ordering, you will receive immediate access to a 30-minute MP3 download. This is yours forever and can be used time and time again. 





Every experience is totally different. Intended results not guaranteed immediately as there is a Divine orchestration that may be unknown to the human eye. Trust. This is not a substitute for professional health treatment. Refunds are only given for faulty MP3 audio quality or inability to access/play MP3. 

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