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VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - New Moon Angel Healing and Attunement

Reiki with Rachael

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - New Moon Angel Healing and Attunement


VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - New Moon Angel Healing & Attunement

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LIVESTREAM | Monday, Mar 11th • 12:00 am - 1:30 am PST

Join Rachael Thompson (aka Reiki Rachel), our skilled Energy Channel & Angel Worker, as she harnesses the celestial energy of the New Moon on March 10th to amplify the transformative power of this special Angelic Activation Workshop. Experience profound activations from Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Raphael, & Metatron, as their healing light merges with the potent energy of the New Moon, offering enhanced healing, protection, manifestation, and guidance. Connect deeply with your guardian angels and receive personalized guidance from the Archangel best suited to support your journey during this auspicious time. Rachael will conclude this potent workshop with a sacred Angel Attunement, aligning your energy with the harmonious frequencies of the celestial beings and empowering you to independently channel angelic energy. Whether you're a seasoned healer seeking to deepen your connection or on the initial steps of your spiritual journey, join us under the influence of the New Moon to unlock the transformative potential of the angelic realm. Reserve your spot now and step into the radiant light of angelic blessings amidst the celestial energies of the New Moon! 🌑🕊️✨ **If you can't make the live session or just want to re-watch, the recording for this workshop will be available for you for 6 months after the event date.

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