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Cellular Memory Clearing Session to Free Subconscious Limitation

Reiki with Rachael

Cellular Memory Clearing Session to Free Subconscious Limitation


This is a 22-minute pure energy channeling session. Our subconscious patterns dictate our experiences, yet trying to reprogram these beliefs can almost feel impossible. This session goes to the energetic root of the subconscious beliefs that were activated through your cellular memory and clears them upon the point of their creation.
This will give you freedom from the energy that seems to block and limit your heart and Soul desires.
It will also free resistance to other subconscious program work you may be doing, such as affirmations or auto-suggestions, enabling them to be more effective and quicker.
Think of this session as clearing out the old hard drive of a computer so you can reprogram it without complication.

What You Will Receive:

22 Minute MP3
Mostly non-guided energy channeling
Works each time you listen as the energy session has been programmed into the mp3 technology
A technique to use as you move throughout your day to continue this process

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