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Christ Consciousness Energy Transmission [Energy Healing Session MP3 Download]

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Christ Consciousness Energy Transmission [Energy Healing Session MP3 Download]



Christ Consciousness is the Divine Energy of unconditional love and miracles. This specific energy transmission channels the Energy to you for your intentions and highest good. It is an incredibly strong, yet gentle loving energy that can feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket. The Christ Consciousness is associated with Jesus, or Jeshua, who embodied it in human form, but it is a Consciousness that can be channeled and accessed by all. During this time in history, I was guided to channel this for you to create miracles in your life and the lives of those you love.

 If you were drawn to this, it is meant for you. This was not something I intended to do. I was walking and the message came to me. Doubting it at first, my limiting beliefs almost prevented me from making this session. But I was immediately shown some very specific signs that validated this channeling was meant to come through me, in this form, to touch all who are drawn to it.

How This Session Works

This is an MP3 energy session. The energy was channeled into this MP3 and you can use it as often as you need. [Not a one-on-one session]. You will receive it instantly after purchase. 

The total session is 34 minutes.

Mostly Non-Guided. There is a bit of guidance in the beginning and end, but the majority of the session allows you to listen to beautiful music as you receive the healing you need at the time.  

How to Use This to Help Current Situation [Individual or Twin Flame] 

Set your intentions.

Can use for yourself, as a relationship or Twin Flame healing, or play on behalf of another. 

Allow and Trust. 


What You Receive

Upon ordering, you will receive immediate access to a 30-minute MP3 download. This is yours forever and can be used time and time again. 





Every experience is totally different. Intended results not guaranteed immediately as there is a Divine orchestration that may be unknown to the human eye. Trust. This is not a substitute for professional health treatment. Refunds are only given for faulty MP3 audio quality or inability to access/play MP3. 

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