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Akashic Records Journey [Past Life Regression or Current Life Purpose] 50-minute MP3

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Akashic Records Journey [Past Life Regression or Current Life Purpose] 50-minute MP3

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Take a journey with me into the Akashic Records, the field of all knowledge. Let's explore your past lives to find out more about what has shaped you today, discover your soul's purpose and mission here on Earth, and gain clarity about your life path. You will have immediate access to this inspirational guided session and can use it for as many different intentions and questions as you wish.


In this 50-minute guided energy session, I channel the energy of the Guardians of the Akashic Records. You can use this as a past life regression or to understand your present situation better. You can also use this to discover how you are connected with others in your life. You will gain immediate access to this MP3 guided session and can use it as many times as you need for different intentions and questions. 

What are Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a spiritual library filled with information about your Soul's journey. They contain records of all past lives as well as what you incarnated this lifetime to do. They contain your major life lessons and how certain events and people play a role in your life. It's a whole library all about YOU, and you can access it anytime with the proper knowledge. 

How This Session Works

This is an MP3 guided energy session.

The total session is 50 minutes, please give yourself an hour total.

I guide you through the first fifteen minutes, inducing a deeply relaxed state and guiding you to your personal Akasha.

I then directly channel the energy of the Akashic Records into you as you journey deeper, finding answers to your questions and intentions.

The final five minutes are designed to ground and bring you back to an awake, lively state, ready to integrate what you received. 

How to Use This to Help Current Situation [Individual or Twin Flame]

You will gain a deep understanding of your main life lessons, past life karmas, and what you came here this lifetime to work through

You will learn the role that others play in your life. This can be incredibly healing for many relationships, including twin flames.

You are often given healing during the session to heal and release energy from the past.

You are given guidance on how to use this information to improve your current situation. 

What You Receive

Upon ordering, you will receive immediate access to a 50-minute MP3 download. This is yours forever and can be used time and time again. 





Every experience is totally different. Intended results not guaranteed. This is not a substitute for professional health treatment. Refunds only given for faulty MP3 audio quality or inability to access/play MP3. 

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