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Ageless Rejuvenation

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Ageless Rejuvenation


Rejuvenate your body, inside and out!

Step into your own rejuvenation chamber, as you are guided through a 30-minute meditative, energy-healing session. Experience the power of Ancient Lightcode Healing with this unique 30-minute mp3 download to bring higher frequencies into your body and cells, thereby stimulating healing throughout your body and DNA. As a result, you will experience energy shifts and cellular regeneration. You will find yourself feeling more energized and youthful, looking as though you have rewound your time on earth.

The purpose of Rejuvenation Energy Healing is to provide an energetic rebalancing in order to allow the body's natural ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself. Rejuvenation occurs when the body has optimal energy flow, and when this energy flows freely your DNA can begin to repair itself as well as regulate its own cellular growth.

If you are ready for a whole new level of rejuvenation, this session is for you. If you feel worn down or depleted, experiencing digestive issues, chronic illness, or sleep disturbance, this is an opportunity to see what a few minutes every day can do! Imagine feeling more awake, vibrant, and restored each day...

What to Expect

-You will receive a 30-minute MP3 download link immediately after purchase

-This download includes a channeled meditation and has been infused 3-fold with Ancient Rejuvenation Healing Energy. [This means that I have channeled the energy of these frequencies 3 times, creating a layered. potent energy healing effect].

-You will receive a Rejuvenation Session each time you listen. They are cumulative and you are encouraged to listen daily for optimal effects. 

What is "Ancient Rejuvenation Energy"

The human body is designed to repair, regrow, and rebalance itself. In a state of optimal health and wellness, the body can do this on its own. However, most people are not in this state due to a combination of factors such as stress, diet, and environmental toxins that cause epigenetic programming in the DNA that triggers the disease and aging processes. Using my experience as an energy channel, I connected with benevolent ET collectives like the Arcturians (who hold technology for cell rejuvenation) and the Lemurian civilization (who hold ancient knowledge for DNA repair). I am able to direct the healing energy through me into this session. It will repair damage from your past—including any chronic diseases you are currently experiencing—and clear the DNA of epigenetic programs that cause illness so those programs cannot return. It will also activate your body’s natural mechanisms for regenerating skin & hair, bone marrow, muscle growth & strength, liver function, metabolism & weight loss, immune system regeneration & vitality, cellular rejuvenation & cellular maintenance.

This is not a substitute for professional or medical treatment. The effects listed above are potential benefits and specific results are not guaranteed. 

Designed to assist in your current health and wellness journey, our energy healing sessions utilize a combination of lightcode therapy, energy manipulation, and energy healing methods. This is not a substitute for professional or medical treatment. Results may vary based on individual physiology as well as other lifestyle/environmental factors. Please note that the effects listed above are potential benefits and specific results are not guaranteed. 

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