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12 Chakra Cleanse, Activation, Lightcode Infusion Session [Energy Healing Session MP3 Download]

Reiki with Rachael

12 Chakra Cleanse, Activation, Lightcode Infusion Session [Energy Healing Session MP3 Download]


Please Read Description Before Purchasing 

This is an energy infused mp3 download that will clear, align, & activate your 12 chakra system. You will also receive a light code infusion to activate DNA.

This is a pre-recorded session. You can use it over and over and will receive an energy activation every time you listen. 

What You Will Get

  • Full 50 minute pre-recorded energy healing session
  • MP3 Download 
  • Instant Access in Email  

This is a lightly guided session. I tell you what I am doing but it’s not meant as a guided meditation. You will receive the most benefit from allowing yourself to relax fully. You do not need to listen to the guidance for it to be effective. 

Session Overview 

  • Introduction 
  • Individual Chakra Cleanse/Balancing/Activation (3 minutes spent per chakra)
  • Full Chakra System Alignment 
  • Full Energy System Alignment  (Aligning all of the body's energy centers)
  • Light code Infusion & DNA Activation 
  • Grounding & Integration 

Possible Results 

All result vary on the individual and per each session. Some results or shifts are apparent immediately while others are more subtle. Results are not guaranteed.

  • Alignment with the Divine 
  • Activation of Dormant Spiritual Gifts
  • Emotional Purge
  • Released Blocks & Stagnant Energy 
  • Heightened Energy 
  • Intuitions & Guidance 
  • Alignment with Ascension Energies 
  • Light Body Activation 
  • Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Healing 
  • Manifestations/Increased Manifesting Ability 
  • Balancing of Masculine/Feminine Energy
  • Opened Heart
  • Increased Creativity 
  • Inner Child & Shadow Emergence/Healing 
  • Feelings of Peace, Love, & Reduction of Stress

What to Expect?

The healing is recorded with the strong intention you get exactly what you most need every time you listen. With this being said, your experiences may include:

  • Warmth in Areas of Body
  • Tingling Throughout Body
  • Feelings of Pressure 
  • Increased or Decreased Energy Following Session 
  • Twitching or Jerking During or After Session (This is energy being released)
  • Emotions Surfacing 
  • Thoughts or Memories Surfacing 
  • Visuals or Guidance

What Are the 12 Chakras?

There are many different models for the Ascended 12 Chakra System that vary in name and location of the chakras.

This session is based on my studies and personal experience as an energy healer. 

I aligned with the teachings of Diana Cooper for the 12 Chakra system.

I am a student of Paramhansa Yogananda & originally learned the 7 chakra system from a disciple of his.

My personal approach to chakra healing is based on their teachings and my own intuitive understanding. This session will reflect that. 

How Recorded Energy Activations Work? 

Reiki Energy can be ‘sent’, similar to a blessing or a prayer, to enhance the properties of your meditation. I will flow energy into the meditation as I am recording, as well as, once more after the product is finished. Reiki Energy will always be sent for your highest and best good, keeping in mind the intention behind the meditation.

Reiki is a high-vibrational energy. The Unified Field Theory, of Quantum Physics as well as Philosophical Principle, Hermetic Law of Similarity, both explain what ancient spiritual eastern teachings refer to as Prana, Akasha, or Qi/Chi. Simply put, there is a unified energetic field that connects us all. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

"This sea of energy coalesces into sub-atomic particles and atoms, which become the basic building blocks of all matter manifesting the physical world. So, every atom, molecule, and cell is an extension of prana, just as waves are extensions of the sea that lies beneath them." [The Yogic Encyclopedia] 

Just as your cell phone, TV, or internet all use energetic frequencies, tuned in a particular manner to work effectively, so does the energy transferred from the practitioner to the client during a distance Reiki session. 




Every experience is totally different. Intended results not guaranteed immediately as there is a Divine orchestration that may be unknown to the human eye. Trust. This is not a substitute for professional health treatment. Refunds are only given for faulty MP3 audio quality or inability to access/play MP3. 

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