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Twin Flame Program Details

What to Expect?

  •  The first 1st and 3rd Monday of each month you will get a lesson and/or energy healing video. (It is all go at your own pace)
  • Every Monday you will receive an important message via email containing healing guidance for the week.
  • Once a month we will have a live healing, card reading, & Q & A session via Zoom (details will be sent in email).
  • You will get a personal healing grid that I will work on weekly to aid in your journey. Learn more about distant energy healing here. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is 100% your journey. There are no requirements or homework. If you ever get behind, you will have access to materials forever. Discipline is required for any healing journey, but there is no pressure here, just love :)
  • Donations are greatly appreciated and accepted at anytime, but I will send out a reminder at the end of each month. Donate here. 
  • Please send questions to