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Intuitive Energy Sessions: Includes Reiki, Crystal Healing, & Intuitive Guidance

Energy Healing Session Downloads

(Instant Download: MP3's & Videos)

I wanted everyone to have access to the power of Energy Healing. I created these affordable MP3's and Video sessions to support everyone in their journey. Includes sessions for self-healing, manifesting, and clearing negative energy. 

Distance Intuitive Energy Session

(Serving Clients Worldwide)

Proudly serving clients all over the globe! 30 & 60-minutes available. Includes an MP3 of your healing session and intuitive guidance. Energy healing modality for physical, mental and emotional 'di-ease', as well as couples healing & manifesting services. (Not a substitute for professional health care treatment). 

In-Person Energy Healing

(Charlotte, NC)


Queen City Yoga Center (Studio D: Suite One)

2319 Randolph Rd

Charlotte, NC 28207

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