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Twin Flame Deep Shadow Work Energy Healing Session (40 min MP3)

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Twin Flame Deep Shadow Work Energy Healing Session (40 min MP3)

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***Please read disclaimer before purchasing and only use in an environment that you feel safe to process these energies. If you are not familiar with shadow work and have not done it before, it is advised you work with a professional before using this session.****
DISCLAIMER-- This session is not intended as a substitute for mental health or professional treatment. It is recommended you listen to it in a safe space, with a professional if you have unprocessed trauma of any kind. Please use your discretion before listening.

What you get

40 minute pre-recorded session that includes both guidance and energy healing. 
Mp3 will be emailed to you immediately to download 

*This is a pre-recorded session, not a one-on-one healing. 

What’s included in session?

This is a three part session

1) You do individual shadow work. Bringing energy up to the surface to heal, release, and transmute.

2) We heal and transmute energy on your Twin Flames behalf. (With their Higher Self’s guidance, we ONLY call forth energy in a safe way for all parties involved). 

3) We call forth, release and transmute shared energy that create blocks in the connection. 

What is shadow work??

Shadow work involves processing, releasing and transmuting energy that affects you below conscious awareness. The goal is to bring what has been hiding in the dark into the light, in a safe and gentle manner. Once you see the energy, you can choose to let it go. 

Some of these energies are layered and may require more than just one session to release fully. Listen to this as often as you feel guided and please seek help from professionals to assist in your shadow work process. 

Intention of this session

This session is intended to release you from unconscious energies or blocks that create obstacles in your personal journey and twin flame dynamic. 

As stated above, we do this in a very safe way for your TF. We do not impeded on their own healing journey or bring up anything for them physically. Rather we allow ourselves to see the shadow they are ready to show us and if their Higher Self agrees, release it for them. They will not experience any negative side effects from this in the physical. 

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