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Complete Relationship Healing Session (Video Download)
Complete Relationship Healing Session (Video Download)

Reiki with Rachael

Complete Relationship Healing Session (Video Download)


Fall Back Into Love

Intuitive Healing Master guides you through a Complete Energy Healing Session for your relationship. The session works on an emotional, mental, and energetic level to help you clear any patterns that hold you back from love. The energy is sent to both you and your partner (even if they are not present) for healing and connection. Use regularly for best results.

45-Minute Energy Session for Your Intentions

Locate & Release Blocks

Heal Negative Patterns in the Relationship

Re-align Your Energy with Your Partner through Love

Gain Immediate Access to Use Daily. (Multiple Exercises Explained in Video)

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Twin Flame Message

Twin Flame Union requires healing. Healing requires 3 main components: 1. Energetic or Karmic Release 2. Spiritual Awakening through Understanding Self 3. Embracing Divine Energy of Love, Peace, & Freedom

Energy healing is not magic. But is does make your healing process much quicker & easier. It eliminates the strong energetic pull many destructive energies have over you, which opens you up for incredible insights and immense growth. The healing does the same for your Twin Flame, even if they do not realize it. I find it (almost) impossible to find Union without either a strong control of one's own energy or assistance from a trained Energy Healer.

My Journey to Become a Twin Flame Healer

Rachael is an Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master. She never intended to work with Twin Flames, but the Universe had other plans. She discovered she was a Twin Flame years ago after searching for card readings to give her relationship guidance.
" Everything the card reader said, pertained to my relationship. I unknowingly watched twin flame readings for months, without even realizing what a twin flame was!"
Throughout this entire time, Rachael did a lot of energy work to heal her own twin flame relationship. Everything was intuitively guided without her even knowing what or why she was doing it.
She decided to start her own Energy Healing business and her first client was a Twin Flame! And then more and more came to her for services. After being extremely quiet about her own journey for years, she began to wonder if part of her personal struggle was to develop techniques she could use to help others.
She devotes much of her energy to helping the collective, but realized not everyone can afford the amount of personal healing sessions necessary. For this reason, she decided to make many low cost or free healings available for those who need them. 

My Soul saw you and it went 'Oh there you are. I've been looking for you.'


The Twin Flame journey can feel like an uphill battle. Believe me, I KNOW! And healing sessions can be very pricey. This is why I provide services at all price points and give out tons of free material. It is my gift to fellow TF's as we all ascend.


I have found a lot of misleading information online about the Twin Flame journey. The more work I do with the collective, the more I realize how unique each TF journey is. All the education I provide has been intuitively channeled or from direct experience.


It can feel extremely lonely being a Twin Flame. Often our Divine Counterpart doesn't even understand the concept, let alone anyone else! I want you to know, you have a support system here. Let's love and support one another as we all travel down this crazy road.

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