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Presenting The DEN Meditation's Second Virtual Retreat: A Journey into Goddess Energy. 

We invite you to partake in our mesmerizing three-hour virtual retreat. This is an opportunity to settle in with the cozy energy of fall and your inner GODDESS energy.

Curated for the dreamers, the doers, the witches, and everyone attuned to the universe's rhythms, this retreat promises a blend of feminine energy and feminine archetypes, and we will even get astrological and explore the placement of Lilith within your chart. Our accomplished team of practitioners is back with their blend of expertise, weaving together a tapestry of experiences. We’ll each bring a unique flavor of what goddess energy means to us, whether that’s embracing deeper body love and self acceptance, calling upon past life energy and wisdom, or calling upon other powerful goddesses to help us heal and attract an abundant harvest of our desires. Every feminine being is so unique, but we all have an inner goddess within, she’s just waiting to be activated! Float on the waves of soul-stirring beats, ground yourself through magnetic meditations, journey into the depths with transformative journaling sessions, and let the aura of October guide you in visual journeys to your highest self. 

Activate her power now. 

Be it from your cozy den, or under the open October sky, come as you are—authentic and present. From any corner of the globe, this experience is just a click away. Scream, laugh, or even cry—it's a safe haven for all your expressions.

Get ready for a retreat that’s bound to leave an indelible mark on your spirit. Dive deep with us into the Mystic Moons & Magical Mornings and watch the magic manifest.

Pack for the Magic:

*An offering to your inner goddess. (Fruit, wine, sage, crystals, flowers, whatever feels aligned)

*Pen & paper—let the thoughts flow.

*Your meditation mat or a plush blanket—find comfort wherever you sit.

*Themed stickers celebrating the new moon.

*A steaming mug of apple cider or perhaps a spicy pumpkin latte—it’s fall's embrace in a cup.

*A crystal that resonates with October's energy.

*A statue, photo, shrine of your favorite goddess


This retreat will be offered on a sliding-scale basis, allowing you to choose the price that's right for you! Here's the vibe... 

$77.77 (still aligning to my inner goddess)

$111.11 (suggested donation amount)

$222.22 (in my full goddess energy)

$I am limitless (give us the cornucopia, whatever number feels aligned to you and we intend it comes back to you tenfold)

Want to pay with PayPal?

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**If you can't make the live session or just want to re-watch, the recording for this workshop will be available for you for 6 months prior to the event date.

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