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Flow Down the River of Dreams [25 minutes] with Reiki Energy
Flow Down the River of Dreams [25 minutes] with Reiki Energy
Flow Down the River of Dreams [25 minutes] with Reiki Energy

Reiki with Rachael

Flow Down the River of Dreams [25 minutes] with Reiki Energy


Learn how to easily and effortlessly flow towards your dream life. Once you get into the flow, everything will unfold as it should. We are the ones that hold ourselves back from manifesting the money, relationships, and well-being we desire. Our worry, fear, and stress prevent law of attraction from working. This is why many claim it doesn't work. The fact is, the law works fine, we are the ones stopping it. This meditation is the easiest way to let go of everything that keeps our desires away from us.

Use this powerful, yet relaxing, visualization to release all worry, resistance, and fear that keep us from living our dream lives. After getting into a relaxed state, we will communicate with your subconscious mind, releasing negative and implanting positive beliefs, enabling you to peacefully attract everything you want.

Infused with positive Reiki energy, this powerful 25-minute meditation will not only impact you but will allow you to impact your world. You will truly get 'in the flow' with life force energy and open yourself up to an endless supply of universal gifts. Enjoy & Namaste.

Meditation is an essential component to a healthy, happy, and balanced life, yet many find it intimidating or cannot find the time to add it in. This quick, 20-minute meditation will help anyone begin their meditation or manifestation (Law of Attraction) practice. Taking this brief time for yourself can help change your life.

Meditation has been found to:
Improve health (lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss)
Can preserve the aging brain
Decrease effects of anxiety and depression
Decrease stress levels
Improve learning and memory
Improve attention and concentration
Cultivate a mindful presence and higher quality of life
Improve social interactions/decrease social anxiety
Can help with addiction
Can be more beneficial than sleep for fatigue
Help build a connection to the universe and manifest goals
Among many other benefits!

Love & Light.

*Please consult a doctor before beginning any meditation practice. Not meant to cure or treat any mental health or physical disorder but can be used as a companion to treatment under the supervision of a professional.

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