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5 Twin Flame Signs: Quiz to Discover Your Twin Flame Archetype

Rachael Thompson

Posted on January 13 2020

5 Twin Flame Signs: Quiz to Discover Your Twin Flame Archetype

If you are new to Twin Flame information, please read below before taking the quiz.


With all the Twin Flame information available online, it can be a little confusing to decipher what is the truth and what is hype. In fact, many occurrences on the Twin Flame Journey seem like something out of a movie. It can cause a lot of disbelief and skepticism. Being on this journey personally, I did not want to believe in it. It seemed like an excuse for codependency. It seemed desperate at times. But the more I experienced true Twin Flame symptoms, the less I could deny that this was a very real experience.

Working as a Twin Flame healer and intuitive, I have seen how eerily similar the journey can be. There was one week this past September that a huge shift occurred in the collective. It was something no logical, left-brained person could rationalize, but is caused a lot of perceived turmoil in the collective. There is only so long you can deny this is a real phenomenon when you are on the journey. There is only so long you can walk this path alone, lost in the woods, trying to understand what is happening until you finally reach out for more information.

If you found this article, it was not by accident. There is something here for you. Some things might seem esoteric at first but will likely resonate later. For some of you, everything you read will simply validate everything you already knew on some level. As you read, keep an open mind, an open heart, and let the journey begin!    

In this article, we will cover the 5 "typical" Twin Flame signs and the reason Twin Flames experience these. If any of these resonate, you likely are part of the Twin Flame collective.  

But first, a little background on Twin Flames....

What are Twin Flames?

There is a debate over what Twin Flames really are. Some say they are one soul split in half. Others say they are two souls who made a pre-birth contract to help each other this lifetime. 

No matter what your belief, Twin Flames are two individuals who have a soul connection. They have an unexplainable draw towards one another and simultaneously trigger one another. We will get into this later, but know that Twin Flames have a purpose with one another and in this world.  

Why Such a Surplus in Twin Flame Relationships Now?

The Twin Flame dynamic creates huge spiritual growth. We have recently entered a new phase in humanity. This time period has been predicted in many ancient yogic texts, referred to as Yugas. This time period was also predicted by the ending of the Mayan calendar and even sung about in the popular 1960's song "Age of Aquarius." 

We recently left an era that lasted thousands of years. This era required a strong ego, competition mindset, and desire to acquire material gain. The era we are currently beginning is one of love, heightened intuition, and emphasis on energy rather than dense matter. This era will also last thousands of years, and Twin Flames are some of the pioneers leading the shift.

The Twin Flame relationship incentivizes us to transcend our ego, heal generational pain, tune into our intuition, and understand the energetic power we hold in our thoughts and feelings. This spiritual ascension process is not easy. It is not something we would do naturally unless we were incentivized by something. Think about it, if everything was going great in your life, how motivated would you be to grow and shift? It's human nature to try to find security, yet security often leads to complacency, and complacency is the death of all development. 

To usher in this new era, we need a radical shift. The reason you see so much dualism in the world is indicative of a dying era and entering into the unknown. This transition will last a while for those who try to resist the shift. Twin Flames came here to learn a new way of living, to embrace this new energy, and to help others do the same. 

What is the Purpose of Twin Flame Relationships?

As mentioned above, the true purpose of a Twin Flame relationship is spiritual growth, freedom from the old egoic paradigm, and ascension. It promotes healing on all levels. A piece of advice for those just discovering the path...the sooner you know that EVERYTHING you experience on this journey is for your own growth, the easier things become. 

Every soul (Twin Flame or not) incarnated on earth to learn lessons. The ego is a tool that was needed for survival, but we have outgrown it. The Twin Flame journey will challenge your ego over and over again until we finally reach the point of ego transcendence (or ego death). The Twin Flame journey will challenge our identity, conditioned beliefs, and bring up all of our shadows to be healed. The purpose is not suffering or pain, it is complete freedom. It is a beautiful journey, that ends in internal peace and cohesive relationships, unlike we have seen before. 

5 Typical Twin Flame Signs

1. Unexplainable Knowing

Twin Flames often come from totally different backgrounds, live in different areas, or are different in age or ethnicity. They are often different than anyone you have ever dated. The relationship or attraction often doesn't make logical sense, yet there is a knowing. Twin Flames always find each other, even in improbable circumstances.  

There is a trust and a deep internal knowing. There is a soul recognition that is unexplainable to the human psyche. You cannot explain your dynamics to anyone else. Nobody will understand. But you just know.

This can often lead to a very passionate beginning of a romance or intense feelings for one another. In other cases, the beginning is slower. We must remember that every individual is different, thus the relationship can play out in a variety of ways. The key here is an intuitive knowing or gut feeling (even when the brain wants to question it). 

2. Weird Coincidences 

Other than running into each other in the unlikely circumstances, Twin Flames continue to experience seeming coincidences. Perhaps you text each other at the exact same time, say something that your Twin Flame was just thinking, or have interesting connections once you learn about each other's backgrounds or experiences. 

You may also constantly hear songs, see messages, or experience number signs (repeating numbers, such as 11:11), that all seem to apply directly to your Twin Flame relationship. You might doubt these at first, but they often become a significant guiding force in your journey together.

3. Mirroring & Triggering

After the initial passion, the healing begins. Twin Flames begin triggering areas that need to be healed within the other. The key component to remember is the underlying area that needs to be healed is often the same in each person but expresses in opposite ways. Let me explain more....

A common component of the Twin Flame journey is characterized by the runner/chaser dynamic. During this stage, one partner will pull back from the relationship creating the other one to pursue harder. The more one pursues, the more the other pulls back. It is an uneven energy dynamic that seems to be completely different but is actually the same.

Let's say both partners have underlying feelings of unworthiness that are triggered by the intense intimacy of the dynamic. The runner will express this by running from the relationship, as they do not feel worthy of it on a subconscious level. The running will trigger the 'unworthiness' belief of the "chaser", causing him/her to pursue harder in an attempt to feel worthy again. Once both parties address the underlying issue, this dynamic will cease to exist. 

This is why I stressed earlier the importance of taking every trigger on this journey as a personal lesson. This does not excuse what the other individual is doing, but instead, allows you to heal without blame and resentment. Both Twin Flames will be acting (to some degree) from hurt, past conditioning, and pain when the relationship begins. The degree varies, and so does the triggering. But as each Twin is forced to heal, they are able to embrace a new relationship from a spiritually awake, unconditionally loving state.

4. Exponential Growth & Healing

Twin Flames will experience more personal growth in a couple of years than most people do in a few lifetimes! It can feel like an intense ride, but you are truly blessed to be on this journey. All Twin Flames reach a point of "awakening."  Awakening simply means you begin to see yourself and this world for what it truly is. Most people live by conditioning and the rule of society. Twin Flames question these rules. They question why we do certain things. They see beyond the veil of illusion.

The Twin Flame experience forces us to look at long-held beliefs, patterns, habits, and thoughts that keep us stuck. Many feel as if their whole world is flipped upside down and they are like a newborn baby learning how to live from this fresh perspective.

Twin Flames often find themselves leaving jobs, relationships, and situations because they do not align with their Soul any longer. There is an understanding of energy, manifesting, intuition, and Enlightenment. We come to understand that almost everything we have been taught is an illusion or a lie based on outdated programming. We look at our relationships as reflections of the energy we carry. We see our Twin Flame partner completely different than anyone else, as they become our number one teacher in this life. They reflect to us all the areas that need healed. It is almost impossible to remain in a Twin Flame relationship without transcending (or at least understanding) our ego programming. 

You reflect areas that need healed within your Twin and they reflect them back to you, hence the "mirroring effect". Potential issues arise when the couple does not realize what is happening and blame the other Twin for triggering the ego. Once we look at every behavior in our Twin and ask what area of healing is being reflected back to us, we reach a new level on this healing journey. Your Twin Flame will always show you what needs to be healed if you are aware. You will always show your Twin Flame what needs to be healed if they are willing to look. Remember these triggers are reflecting ego patterning that is ready to be dissolved. It is all part of the ego transcendence and awakening process.  

Once you become aware you are a Twin Flame, it is best to have this discussion with your partner (if they are open to it). This realization brings you closer together instead of pitting you against one another. The Twin Flame journey requires you to examine yourself constantly. You are getting in touch with your True Self and will eventually see your ego detach and dissolve. 

Energy Healing can be a huge part on this journey together. It allows you to dissolve patterns that keep you stuck. Getting into an energy healing routine, such as Reiki, meditation, Qi Gong, or manifestation techniques will help shift the energy. Since you are doing lifetimes worth of healing in a few years, it is almost impossible not to implement some other type of energetic assistance (either on your own or with a professional).  

5. Falling Apart to Come Back Together

A common "stage" on the Twin Flame journey is marked by separation. This is a time that Twin Flames separate, take a break, or breakup. This is NOT necessary or always the case, but it does happen frequently in relationships, due to the intense triggering, healing, and lack of knowledge about Twin Flame dynamics. 

If you are reading this and are still with your Twin Flame relationship, the separation period can be avoided, but it requires diligence, introspection, and willingness to heal and transform by both parties. If you have experienced separation, know that this is your opportunity to do the transformative work your Soul agreed to experience. You are working out generational or ancestral pain and trauma, lifetimes worth of karma, and eliminating personal blocks and limiting beliefs. Whew! I'm tired just writing about this (and believe me I have the first-hand experience with all of this healing). It is easy to see why the Journey can become too intense during a period of time for a couple to remain together.

Even if the Twins remain physically together, there is often a period of feeling separate, intense highs and lows, or feelings of confusion surrounding the relationship. Again, this is simply the trigger for both of you to heal. The relationship is your incentive. You both do what you need to do because it becomes too painful not to heal and transform. 

Once both Twin Flames go through this "falling apart" stage, there a coming back together, often called "Union." Twin Flame Union is characterized by both Twins coming back together as new versions of themselves. There can still be little triggers, but there is knowledge of what to do when a trigger comes up. To be in Union, you must recognize that your Twin's behavior is a reflection of an energy or belief that needs to be healed within you. Once you can use their behavior to help you continue your healing, the fights, resentment, and guilt all subside.

Union is also characterized by both Twins fulfilling their dharma, or life purpose. This is not just a career or business, but a way of living in this reality. You dharma can express through service, parenthood, being a powerful manifestor, reaching spiritual Enlightenment, or helping heal and teach others. You came here for specific reasons, to learn lessons, and to work through as much healing as you can in one lifetime. Many believe Union is the end goal of the Twin Flame Journey, but it is truly just the beginning of a new type of freedom and manifestation.

Okay, I'm a Twin Flame....So Now What?

Once you recognize you are a Twin Flame, you can be proactive about your healing, awakening, manifesting and the growth of your relationship. No matter what anyone says, this is YOUR journey alone and you will have different experiences based on your Soul's lessons. Never beleive that you must go through something (such as separation) to be on this journey. Never compare yourself to any other Twin Flame. Learn to become self-aware and grow through this journey. The first round of Twin Flames had no idea what we were doing, but you have the opportunity to shift the energy dynamic.

Self-healing is essential so prepare yourself for this journey. If your partner is open to talking about esoteric concepts, then have a conversation to prevent unnecessary arguments. Twin Flames are truly a gift to this world as they are more motivated than most to grow and ascend. This journey can be magical if you choose to look for the magic in each moment. 

For more personalized information, please take the FREE Twin Flame Archetype Quiz. This will give you personalized results and a free energy healing based on your Archetype. Much love and welcome to the wild ride!!!