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The Weekly Shift (4-Week Program & 6 Month Mastermind)

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The Weekly Shift (4-Week Program & 6 Month Mastermind)


 The biggest Transformation You Will Make in 4 Short Weeks.

"The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone." ~Karen Salmansohn

How Will You Shift?

We imprison ourselves daily.

We stop ourselves in every moment from greatness with self-criticism, old thinking patterns, and limiting beliefs. The world subconsciously picks up on these and reacts to the energy we put out.

How would your life change if you could permanently shift this internal critic? 

What would you be able to achieve if you were free from doubt, fear, and negativity?

Pursue your dreams and learn to attract and manifest the life you desire. 

  • Fear to Confidence
  • Lack Mindset to Abundance Mindset
  • Restlessness to Contentment
  • Struggle to Self-Love


    The weekly shift is a 4 week-web based learning series, that will have you looking to clear your past limits, beliefs, the inner critic and that voice that holds you back…and then together in a small group format we will begin to Shift into the new!

    In this program you will learn:

    • WHO You Really Are (A limitless being)
    • WHAT You Really Want (Life Purpose)
    • HOW to Match These Two And CREATE Success, Happiness, & Abundance



    4 Weeks of Informational/Interactive Sessions

    Powerful Techniques, Meditations, & Healing Modalities

    On-going support6 Months of Follow-Up Calls for Continued Support & Growth  

    Heal, grow, learn, be challenged to become the greatest version of yourself Begin to “level up” this year! More information about the Weekly Shift will be up soon! But be prepared to shift this coming April.

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